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How to Get a Loved One to Go to Detox

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Before jumping to conclusions and telling your loved one they need to go to detox, find a way to motivate them. It is easy to talk about addiction when you are not the one using the substance. However, knowing that your loved one is using can help you understand their suffering on an intimate level. […]

Will You Be Angry in Detox, and Can You Control It?

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Detox is a necessary step to help you redesign your body and get rid of unhealthy toxins. The detoxification process can have an impact on the physical and emotional elements of your body. During detox, your emotions go up and down as the toxins are pushed out of your body. This can include a variety […]

Eliminating Drugs From Your Atmosphere

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It takes time for a substance to leave your body. This requires a change to your atmosphere when implementing new perspectives of healthier living. Detox centers are great places to eliminate drugs from your body because they provide professional and medical support and monitoring. However, detox is not just about eliminating the drugs from your […]

The Role of Detox in the Recovery Process

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There is a small percentage of individuals who seek professional treatment and detox. Rather than choosing to self-treat or detox yourself, detoxing in a professional setting can successfully change the outcome of the process. It is vital to understand the importance and role of detox within a professional environment and on your road to recovery. […]

A Safe Place to Detox Before Rehab


Detox can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It is important for those who want detox to have a safe place to reside during the process. This process requires attention and comprehensive care performed by professionals who know how to implement the correct safety protocols. Without professional guidance, detoxing can take […]

Juggling Recovery While Still Working


A person who deals with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can find that it’s a full-time job just staying in recovery. When they also have to hold down employment, things can seem overwhelming. Don’t give up hope of being able to do both! People often thrive under even the most difficult of circumstances. Keeping […]

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