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Should You Have a Relapse Prevention Plan?


Relapse prevention plans are vital tools whether you go into detox, treatment, or recovery. Having a plan or goal to help you recognize certain habits or behaviors can prevent future relapse. A relapse prevention plan helps you combat previous habits or behaviors to keep you on the recovery path. The road to recovery is arduous […]

Recognizing an Addiction and How to Overcome It


When the problems and behaviors of addiction are recognized, recovery can begin. The opposite is also true: if you do not recognize those problems and behaviors, you may struggle with starting down the path to recovery. If you struggle with substance use, you may fear the recovery journey and feel that your substance use is […]

The Family You Create for Yourself

three female friends greeting hugging each other - one line drawing

May 15 is designated as the International Day of Families. In 1993, the General Assembly of the United Nations set this day to focus on the importance of families worldwide. For those in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, the family can factor into recovery in many ways. If you have strong family ties, […]

Celebrating a Sober Cinco de Mayo

group of friends celebrating

Cinco de Mayo, which is Spanish for May 5, rolls around every spring. The holiday celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This holiday also provides a perfect excuse for many people to hoist a few drinks as part of the celebration. For those in recovery […]

Deconstructing Stereotypes About Addiction

Why Being Sober Doesn’t Have to be Scary on Halloween

People who live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol know firsthand what their experiences are like. Each person is unique with their own story to tell about how they got where they are while struggling to achieve and maintain recovery. However, encountering stereotypes that many people believe about addiction can complicate their journey through […]

How to Stay Sober During Painful Anniversaries


Staying focused on recovery from drugs and alcohol requires a person to utilize the ability to say “no” to temptation. Often, that temptation comes in the form of someone offering a substance to another. It also can result from cravings coming from old habits. A specific set of triggers can also come from painful anniversaries […]

Preparing for the Storm


Recently the state of Texas experienced an unusual winter storm that impacted a considerable amount of its residents. High snowfall rates and ice caused power outages for millions of people, many of whom went several days with no heat, lights, or ways to cook. While everyone cannot adequately prepare for such a situation, some burdens […]

Why Documenting Your Recovery Process Can Give You Strength

documenting your recovery

Some who have beaten their addiction to drugs and alcohol maintain that they would like to forget most of what they went through. The drive to focus on their new lives and the future is understandable; however, it is also important to remember some of the details of darker days during the recovery process to […]

What Happens After I Go to Detox?

after detox

Many people struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs have some idea of what happens when they go to a detoxification treatment facility. Ridding the body of toxins accumulated from long periods of alcohol and drug abuse helps a person’s body rebuild into a healthy version. Detoxification also allows for a person to develop […]

Tips for Entering Treatment During a Pandemic

treatment during the pandemic

Entering treatment for addiction to alcohol and drugs can feel intimidating to anyone. You have questions about what the facility is like, how your treatment plan will proceed, and what to expect during an average day of treatment. Going somewhere during a pandemic can compound the fear factor, making it imperative that you know how […]

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