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Timeline of Meth Detox

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth, is a stimulant drug with significant addictive qualities. Most individuals that use this drug become addicted, wreaking havoc on their lives and the lives of those closest to them. To recover from meth addiction, the first step is detoxification (detox). Meth detox has an average timeline of 14-20 days, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Do Alcohol Detox at Home

The recovery journey starts with flushing your body of all the harmful things you put into it over an extended period. It allows the body to start fresh and gives itself a chance to develop healthy habits without using drugs and alcohol. However, some individuals want to begin this process at home, which can be […]

Why Is Detoxing Important in Addiction Recovery?

Deciding to seek treatment for addiction is a significant step forwards on the road to recovery. Detox is the first stage in your journey, and while it can be intimidating, it is absolutely crucial to your recovery. Without this initial step, you will not be able to make it through treatment successfully. By understanding the […]

How to Support a Family Member in Detox

When your loved one decides to seek treatment for addiction, you may feel relieved and excited to see them get the help they desperately need. The first step in most treatment programs is detoxification. This period can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, with severe and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. As a family member, it can be […]

Will You Be Angry in Detox, and Can You Control It?

teen pulling hoodie over head

Detox is a necessary step to help you redesign your body and get rid of unhealthy toxins. The detoxification process can have an impact on the physical and emotional elements of your body. During detox, your emotions go up and down as the toxins are pushed out of your body. This can include a variety […]

Determining Whether You Need a Detox Center


Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you need help in the form of a detox program when you depend on substances. In most cases, those who are dependent on or addicted to substances always benefit from a quality detox center. When determining whether detox is the right decision for you, consider the following factors. […]

Characteristics to Consider in a Detox Center

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It is vital to your recovery path to find the right detox center for you. There are thousands of places to choose from when you want to recover from substance use. However, choosing the one that aligns with your goals and relates to your situation will better benefit your recovery goals. Learn more about what […]

Why the Mountains Are a Perfect Place to Detox

Bear Lake Trailhead, Estes Park, United States

The shelter of the mountains is the perfect place to take the first step toward giving yourself a better life: detox. With the calming mountain air and the compassionate team from Detox Center of Colorado, you will find the process easier to transition through. You deserve to have a safe and comfortable environment to detox […]

Are Withdrawal Symptoms All the Same?


The experiences associated with substance use and withdrawal are usually unpleasant. If you develop a physical and emotional dependency on substances, you are likely to have withdrawal when the substances are cut back or removed. However, withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person.  You also need to consider other factors, depending on the type […]

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