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Why Recovery Is a Lifelong Pursuit

Addiction recovery is a long journey that will require consistent energy, motivation, and encouragement. There is no end to recovery, nor does a cure exist. Therefore, it is imperative to continually work towards your recovery every day of your life. Many may find this exhausting, but taking care of your health and pushing for a […]

Why Will Treatment Work This Time?

Addiction is a chronic disease. This means that there is no cure for it, but it can be managed with proper treatment. However, relapse is a possibility for anyone struggling with addiction, and many individuals have gone through treatment multiple times because of it. Therefore, those that have gone to rehab various times may be […]

Experiential Therapy for Addiction Recovery

When it comes to healing from addiction, there are numerous treatment modalities used to help clients address the underlying issues of their disorder. One such approach to treatment is experiential therapy, which allows more creative outlets for clients to heal. Because experiential therapy is not necessarily clinical, some individuals have trouble understanding how it works […]

The Benefits of Nature in Recovery

Experiencing nature can help you connect your inner being with your surroundings, yielding noticeable improvements to your overall health. Experiencing nature leads to positive physical benefits like lower blood pressure. It can also provide many mental health benefits like increased prosocial behaviors. Being outside in nature can help with addiction recovery as well. By understanding […]

Codependency Within the Family Unit

When a family member struggles with addiction, it is a natural response to want to help them. Well-intentioned as they may be, family members offering support can unknowingly create codependent relationships that ultimately hamstring the recovery journey of their loved one. Concerned family members may enable their loved one without realizing it, allowing for the […]

When Should I Consider Rehab?

Individuals that struggle with addiction often wonder if their situation is “bad enough” for treatment. They put off going to treatment because they believe they must wait to hit rock bottom to seek help. However, there is no definitive answer as to what rock bottom means, and early intervention is the best way to ensure […]

Should You Have a Relapse Prevention Plan?


Relapse prevention plans are vital tools whether you go into detox, treatment, or recovery. Having a plan or goal to help you recognize certain habits or behaviors can prevent future relapse. A relapse prevention plan helps you combat previous habits or behaviors to keep you on the recovery path. The road to recovery is arduous […]

Are Withdrawal Symptoms All the Same?


The experiences associated with substance use and withdrawal are usually unpleasant. If you develop a physical and emotional dependency on substances, you are likely to have withdrawal when the substances are cut back or removed. However, withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person.  You also need to consider other factors, depending on the type […]

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