The Best Way to Ease Depression for Those with Multiple Sclerosis

The Best Way to Ease Depression for Those with Multiple Sclerosis

Dealing with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis means the nerve damage you experience can affect the transmission of signals that affect mood, drugs used to treat MS can come with the side effect of depression, and living with a chronic illness, in general, can bring out anxiety and stress. According to Multiple Sclerosis International, people with MS are two to three times more likely to be depressed than those without the condition. Keeping your depression in check will make treating multiple sclerosis much easier.

Check Symptoms

If you have been suffering from depression for longer than two weeks, take a closer look at your depressive symptoms. Ask yourself if you are always feeling sad, hopeless, worthy, or empty. You should also think about how easy it is for you to snap at others or feel angry in general. You could be having trouble sleeping where it is either too little or too much. You could also be eating too much or too little. 

Speak to Your Doctor

Do not be afraid to talk to your doctor about what you are going through. Doctors can teach you about medications and alternative modes of therapy to help you feel better. You may also need to change your MS medication to better improve your mood as the side effects may be too much for you. If you speak to a psychologist, you can learn how to cope better with the stress your condition brings you. 

Social Network

Spending too much time alone will leave you to think only of your symptoms. Find as many opportunities to be with your friends who will make you the happiest. If you are not able to get out much, make phone calls, Skype or Facetime calls, or speak through social media. The point is to find a good distraction away from your physical and mental symptoms that are draining your day. You can also join an MS group online to speak to others who relate to what you are going through and to help each other out.

Boost Heart Rate 

Exercising will keep your heart pumping and release feel-good endorphins. Get your heart pumping most of the days with aerobic exercises like taking a walk every day or low-impact exercises. If you are in pain, exercise in the water for buoyancy. By being in control of your depression, you can manage your MS symptoms with more ease than before.

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