What Does Our Staff Do in their Summer Free Time?

What Does Our Staff Do in their Summer Free Time?

Our staff spends quality time with our clients here at Valiant by trying to incorporate some enjoyment into our recovery activities. While sobriety must be a person in recovery’s number one priority, we also promote self-care and sober fun as a vital part of a healthy recovery lifestyle. In order to show how we practice what we preach, we want to share with you what our staff members have been up to this summer during their time out of the office!  

In June, Simms and Stephen ran the Denver Pride 5K to support The Center on Colfax. Participation in this race has been instrumental in helping The Center to “engage, empower, enrich, and advance” the Colorado LGBTQ community since 1976. An estimated 20-30 percent of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community are affected with substance abuse compared to approximately 10 percent of the general population who develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol. The Center on Colfax hosts recovery meetings and lends resources in support of advocating acceptance and ending discrimination and harassment.

Simms, Stephen, Anna, and Damioli have implemented healthy early morning Bootcamp workouts before they arrive at work. Exercise is an important part of self-care that can also assist you with maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul while gaining a natural high from the endorphins that are produced from physical activity. Motivating each other with exercise is a great way to build teamwork to make the dream work.

In late June, Stephen also sang at Carnegie Hall. Rule 62 encourages not taking yourself too seriously by having fun which is what Stephen exhibited for all of us. Living out your dreams in recovery may seem daunting but is completely possible by putting yourself out there to fulfill your aspirations.

Many of our staff have also booked some fantastic summer travel plans that range from Scandinavia and Japan to camping in the Rocky Mountains. Recovery does not have to be boring. In fact, the sky is the limit of where you can go when using those tools which you have learned in your recovery program. 

Our biggest hope is that our staff puts off the kind of synergy that makes our clients want to live their best lives without having to use drugs and alcohol. These substances deceptively make a person who is addicted to them believe that life will not go on without their mind-altering effects. Our staff at Valiant is here to show that sobriety can be fun, and we challenge you to do something new and exhilarating this summer – and stay sober doing it!

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