Now That I Am Sober, Why Don’t I Fit In? 

Now That I Am Sober, Why Don’t I Fit In? 

There is often confusion among people who get sober. They are used to hanging around people who will cosign their habit without judgment although they need to start hanging around those who are also in recovery trying to guide them in accountability. If this sounds like something that you are dealing with right now, this is a common feeling for many people who are trying to stay sober. Letting go of your old life to merge into a new unknown one in your sobriety is really difficult to endure. What may help you to go from unhealthy relationships to ones that support your recovery is to determine the main reasons that could be keeping you from feeling like you do not fit in – when you most definitely do. 

Fear of Abandonment 

There are many reasons that people are triggered by feeling abandoned which often begins in early childhood and really develops through life with the mishaps that happen in relationships. Death, divorce, and not receiving enough emotional or physical care, whether intentional or not, can cause people to express that fear by not letting themselves get to close to others and by default not allowing themselves to be part of the group. 

Fear of Rejection

When someone feels rejected, these issues can stem from being unloved, abandoned, rejected in childhood, or not feeling attractive enough from the words and actions of others or from themselves. This rejection is a deep-rooted fear which causes a person to become critical with themselves and makes them think others are just as critical. Rather be rejected once again, they will keep their distance from others so that no one else can see them the way they see themselves. 

Fear of Not Being “Enough”

Everyone at some point or another feels this way. They would not be human if they did not experience insecurity from time to time in their life. Having low self-esteem can cause a person to keep a distance from others who might see their faults glaring. Instead of putting yourself apart from everyone else, get in the middle of the herd of people who are just like you. 

When the fear of self gets the ball rolling, an individual may just take themselves out of the game altogether to keep from feeling the pain of not fitting in. Put yourself out there in your recovery with people who can relate to your sobriety and you will see results in the name of unity. 

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