Is Being Dope Sick a Crutch to Keep Using?

Is Being Dope Sick a Crutch to Keep Using?

Someone who is addicted to illicit drugs may intently search for them, stating that without their drugs, they will become “dope sick”. Even on documentaries such as “Intervention” or in movies, you could hear someone who is addicted to drugs talk about being “dope sick” or clearly see they are indeed sick. Sweating profusely, shaking violently, visibly out of it, hovering over in pain, or desperate behaviors to get the substances they need are all signs that a person is dope sick. 

The truth about cessation

What usually happens to an individual who becomes dope sick is they endure so much physical pain and experience immense mental torment, that the best solution becomes to get the drugs they need to make it all go away. For some, this could be considered a crutch they are using to get what they want and there is probably some truth to this theory. No one wants to be in pain and anguish including someone who is suffering from drugs and alcohol. Most people would do anything to extinguish their pain. A person who battles addiction will want to find the ease and comfort in the drugs they are accustomed to. The problem with continuing to use drugs, as well as drink alcohol, is they will continue to wreak havoc and they could eventually die from an overdose. 

The truth about detox

Dope sickness is no joke but there is a way out from under this chaotic cycle that is only brought about from chronic use of drugs. If you or your loved one is having a hard time with dope sickness, you can get the help you need to safely detox off drugs to live an incredible sober life. Although detox may seem like a chore, continuing on the hamster wheel of addiction is the real burden. Constantly being at the beck and call of drugs is a tough spot to be in and is not sustainable. Drugs will rob you of real joy in life while detox will get you from addiction to recovery. Getting the help you need for detoxification will lead you to rehabilitation and help you get on track. 

The truth about recovery

Participating in your sobriety can help you to realize that being dope sick every day is no way to live. Living a recovery lifestyle does have its share of trials and tribulations. You will get through them by having the support you need to live the life you deserve to live in recovery.

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