What an Intervention Really Means

An intervention may have been the source of contention when your family and friends recently held one in your honor. Rather than seeing the positive side, you could believe that you were tricked or coerced into treatment. After all, you were not aware of the intervention in the first place. Unfortunately, for the intervention to work, you had to be caught off guard. Knowing about your intervention could have made you run away entirely or put you at risk for overdose.

The importance of the intervention is to let you know that your loved ones will do anything to help you get better. The other side of that coin is that they refuse to enable you any longer. No one is trying to go behind your back for the sake of being sneaky and dishonest. They just can’t watch you suffer any longer with drugs and alcohol. You can have a better life in recovery if you understand the real intention of the intervention instead of taking it as a personal attack. 

They love you.

Plain and simple, the message is that they love you enough to let you go. Although an intervention causes you turmoil, your loved ones are willing to accept your anger so that you can get the treatment you need. They want you to live even if you do not want to. Your family and friends know that proper treatment will give you a better chance at longevity in recovery. Your loved ones are offering you the gift of sobriety, which is bound by love. 

They think you are worthy.

No matter how far down you have gone, you deserve to get well. Drugs and alcohol can lead to poor decisions, even though these substances do not make you a bad person. You are just mentally, physically, and spiritually sick. As a result, you’ve lost your moral compass and do things you would never attempt sober. Your friends and family can see right through your addiction and want you to overcome your addictive behaviors by getting help. 

They want to build you up.

Drugs and alcohol break down your confidence. You may have started drinking and using because it made you feel invincible. Substances eventually turned on you, leaving you feeling terrible about yourself. In hopes of building you up, your loved ones provide you with positive sentiments at your intervention. Their statements could also include the ways they may have let you down or enabled you. The point is to reiterate that they love you. The intervention is to remind you that you are deserving of your sobriety. With these positive affirmations at your back, you can push yourself confidently into recovery. 

They believe you can do it.

No one is going to suggest you get help if they are sure you will fail in the process. Your loved ones know that when you follow a recovery program, you can get sober. These people would not put effort into you if they did not believe in you. Your recovery process will give them hope, which will also help you to gain confidence along the way. Your family’s support is meant to inspire you into the direction of recovery. Even if you do not believe in yourself at the time, let your loved ones give you the motivation you need. Taking the road of recovery will change your life for the better. It might even save your life.

They will get help themselves.

Part of the recovery process includes a healing period for your family. Addiction doesn’t only affect the addicted person. Addiction affects everyone that comes into contact with you. As a result, your loved ones enable you and become codependent on you. Although these behaviors are welcome at the time, your loved ones become sick because of your drug and alcohol use.

Not everyone receives a family intervention. Some will have an unofficial intervention via the police force, the court system, an EMT, or worse, a coffin. If you are lucky enough to have a family who plans an intervention for you, understand that they are providing this as a way out from your addiction. 

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