Tips to Get Through a Pandemic and Stay Sober

Tips to Get Through a Pandemic and Stay Sober

With all the pandemonium surrounding the COVID-19 virus that hit the United States starting in March, fear played a huge part in this crisis. Fear because there was no antidote in place, and the country was unprepared as it tried to navigate a novel coronavirus while having true ignorance about how contagious the virus truly is.

This combination is something that has thrown many people over the edge in panic when the virus turned into a pandemic, including some who also struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. 


The definition of “pandemic” is “prevalent (of a disease) over a whole country or the world”. This means that the virus had control over millions of people and took different nations by storm with no imminent solution to ending its deadly effects.

For someone who has already cheated death in their addiction, this could be a terrifying time to know they came so far to possibly get sick and die from an unmanageable virus. Fortunately, though, we are here to spread good news and give you some tips on how to handle a pandemic in recovery. 


Be prepared

In order for you to feel safe, you need to make sure you are prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually. Take time to stock up with essentials such as medicine, water, non-perishable foods, and anything else you need for survival during an incubation period (or if there is a need for quarantine).

When these tough times occur, you need to figure out how you can use technology to your advantage. Make use of online meetings or FaceTime to keep in touch with others.

Having a plan of action ready to implement during a pandemic can help shift your thinking out of panic mode and into finding ways to help you prevail in these unfortunate circumstances. 


Be knowledgeable

For you to be able to kick into solution mode, you really need to know how dire of a situation you are in. If the media is causing you more anxiety than it is worth, do not turn to the news or social media to gain your insight.

Rather, find legitimate awareness from someone like an infectious disease doctor who can give you accurate information. Only read accredited materials or literature that are meant for the truth about the pandemic.

Not feeding into the hype will allow you to stay in a calm state of mind instead of panicking. The point is to use the information you are receiving to your advantage. Panic can cause you to spread fear, just like the pandemic; you should opt to spread peace and tranquility instead. 


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