Why Do I Have to Take Commitments?

Taking Commitments

As you start attending 12-Step meetings, you realize that there is more to the meetings than just showing up. People are there to set up chairs, make coffee, and take on other responsibilities that keep the meeting afloat. You may feel like you are not qualified or ready to take on any of these commitments, but here are the best reasons to get involved in a recovery meeting.

Meetings Need Service

The meetings will not just run themselves. 12-Step programs and places of recovery need people to facilitate the sessions. Although you may not be ready to step in and serve yet, stick around, and you will be able to offer your services in no time. Many tasks need to be filled depending on the size and the type of meeting. By attending these meetings, you are already being of service, and you will most likely find more responsibility, the more you get connected.

You Need Service

Recovery is all about service, and you should start putting your hand out to serve as soon as you can. Nothing will change your recovery more than being there for someone less fortunate than you. Offering to sponsor someone, sharing your story, showing up for a meeting, greeting people as they arrive, providing literature – the list goes on. There are endless opportunities to be of service at a meeting. You can make a huge difference in someone else’s life while also making a difference in yours.

Others Need Service

You will never know how much you have made someone’s day until you show them kindness without expecting anything else in return. Welcoming them with a smile, encouraging them with tolerant words, or asking them to keep coming back is all part of being of service to others. Most people do not come into recovery on a winning steak. When you put your hand out to them, you are offering them compassion that they may not have received from their family, friends, or law enforcement. You could be the bright spot in their day to show that recovery is a great place.

If you ever want to change your perspective, being of service will always save the day. Allowing yourself to be distracted from all the consequences you are facing will be refreshing. Giving back what was so freely given to you will prove to be one of the best activities you can do to feel better and become confident about yourself.

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