How to Handle Grief in Recovery

How to Handle Grief in Recovery

There are no two ways about it, having to deal with a loss is difficult. The response to your loss is grief, which can be demonstrated through sadness, guilt, isolation, anger, fear, or a broken heart. Whether sorrow is provoked by death, including a miscarriage, or a breakup, handling grief can be painful to navigate because the bond or affection has been broken. When you add addiction recovery into the dynamics, there is plenty to consider getting you through your grief to stay sober along the way.

Acknowledge Your Pain

You know first-hand that suppressing your feelings only makes you miserable, which might put you in jeopardy to drink or use drugs to cope. Your response to loss can be a factor in getting you loaded if you don’t admit that you’re grieving. If you recognize that you’re in pain, you can look at what emotions are coming up for you and take some action.

Understand Your Grief

Mourning a loved one does not make you weak. Mourning makes you a human being with affection. There is no set time for how long you should grieve. You should just let grief entirely run its course so that you can get the closure you need. Grief happens in stages that you should honor as part of the process.

In one moment, you may be angry trying to bargain with God to bring back the deceased, or in another, you may find yourself isolating with sadness. Feeling these feelings will help you to get through the pain with more acceptance than remaining in denial.

Acquire Your Support

Reconstruction is another stage of grief that can happen when you seek support. Let your friends and family help you through this time with their love and encouragement. You may also need to gain more intentional support through therapeutic or spiritual means. Talk to your sponsor, a therapist, or a pastor to help you sort out your feelings so that you do not have to resort back to drugs and alcohol to numb your pain.

Having to deal with the loss of any kind is hard to comprehend. Thankfully, you already have a program in place for your recovery to assist with your bereavement. Take advantage of the knowledge you have gained so that you do not have to stay down with your pain for longer than you need. Honoring your feelings is essential to continue to be happy, joyous, and free in your recovery.

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