Step Nine – Making Amends

Step Nine - Making Amends

The past is an integral part of your recovery because you need to remember what it was like before to keep you from going back. Being liberated from the past is essential to gain closure and move forward with your strength and hope. If the pain still hurts, this means that you have some work to do within yourself, which is where your amends can be useful.

You can gain clarity on where you stand with them and ask them what you can do to make things right. Although you may not receive the forgiveness you desire, you can feel confident doing your best to clean up your side of the street and know that you did everything possible to amend the situation. Even if they never get over what happened, you can use this step to move forward.

Forgiveness Can Occur

Starting the amends process is just as much for you as it is for others. Hopefully, most people will be able to forgive you because they realize no one is perfect. The most prominent forgiveness that needs to happen revolves around you forgiving yourself.

Shame and guilt are wrapped up with the personal absolution you need to grant from the inside out. Amid the Ninth Step, you will also be able to forgive others because mercy will allow you to understand that everyone makes mistakes, including you.

The Promises Will Come True

As you continue to experience freedom from drugs and alcohol, freedom will continue to be the theme. The promises will come true by working a 12-Step program and allow you to experience freedom, happiness, serenity, service, self-worth, financial security, and unselfishness.

During this step, you will find all of these promises to become more prevalent. You have been relentlessly discarding all of the inner negativity to help you to become grateful for all the newfound positivity that surrounds you. Consult with your sponsor before you start making amends to others to make sure you are making them in the appropriate manner that is conducive to your recovery.

You will also want to move forward with suitable judgment to rectify the situation, not continue to cause harm. Accepting the Ninth Step will do wonders for your recovery. Making amends means adopting the right attitude to go to any lengths to rebuild the relationships that suffered from your addiction and allow them to become better than ever.

Regret will become regrowth because longing to practice your recovery principles will outweigh the need to continue harming others. Take the initiative to make your amends, and then live out what you say.

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