When Saying “No” Is a Positive Thing

saying no

“Just Say No” was a hallmark anti-drug campaign conceived during the Reagan administration, encouraging children tempted by illegal narcotics to “just say no.” While some dismissed this approach’s simplicity regarding the complex nature of potential drug abuse, it can apply in many other areas of concern. Saying “no” can have power when applied to multiple choices or temptations in recovery from drugs and alcohol and in life itself.

Recovery Situations That May Require a “No”

Someone may tempt a person in early recovery with an offer to have a drink or partake in the use of narcotics. They may present the idea as something innocuous, such as a “one-time thing” or “just for old time’s sake.” While the person in recovery may want to stop to consider if it’s a good idea, the only healthy and productive answer is an emphatic “no.”

A person in treatment may be tempted to skip therapy or deny they are struggling when asked by a group therapy leader or healthcare professional. Their inner dialogue may pose the question of whether they should blow off the appointment or say they are “just fine.” This is another time when immediately deciding to “just say no” can help keep them honest and moving forward.

Other Examples of the Empowerment of Saying “No”

Sometimes, life presents options that people know they could mull over, but in their hearts, they realize the only healthy choice is to say “no.” It might be an ex that calls up out of the blue and wants to get together again. It might be the temptation not to study for an exam or not work on an important presentation for work. In all of these situations, the person knows it’s not a good idea to say “yes.” Learning to recognize circumstances that require a “just say no” answer is an important life skill.

People tend to think saying “no” is a negative thing; however, it can bring about positive results. The old “Just Say No” slogan can apply to situations involving recovery and everyday life. The Detox Center of Colorado provides those who need detoxification from alcohol and drugs with a supportive, home-like environment creating a safe and comfortable experience. We guide you through the detox experience and help you plan your next steps. Call us today at (303) 952-5035 to find out how we can help you or someone you love begin recovery now!

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