Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hit Rock Bottom

Many individuals who struggle with addiction often say that they will not seek treatment until things get “bad enough” or hit rock bottom. However, when you ask people what rock bottom means, it is likely that they will not have a definitive answer. This is because rock bottom is an arbitrary term that describes something that does not exist. In fact, rock bottom in addiction can take on multiple meanings.

An addicted person gets to decide when they have hit rock bottom, and that only comes when they choose to stop using.  Learning why you do not have to wait until you have hit the lowest point active addiction offers can put you back on track to living a productive life.

Rock Bottom Doesn’t Exist

Saying that you will wait until rock bottom puts you on a path with no destination. There are many different definitions of rock bottom according to different individuals’ circumstances. It should not be something you want to hit before seeking help, because likely, doing so will add further long-term repercussions to your life.

Hitting rock bottom might mean losing your job, going to jail, losing custody of your kids, or being kicked out of your home. Instead of waiting, you should seek treatment soon to avoid these consequences and more.

Addiction Is Chronic

It is imperative to remember that addiction is a chronic disease. This means that there is no cure for it, only ongoing treatment throughout the person’s life. Therefore, hitting rock bottom in addiction means that the only way out could be death. It is not worth losing your life to a chronic disease that can be managed with proper treatment.

Seek Early Intervention

Addiction treatment works best the earlier it is offered to the person struggling. The person will face more challenges in recovery if their addiction is severe and long-term, so early intervention is the best way to ensure a successful recovery. If you or someone you know is thinking about treatment, this is usually a sign that you should seek it now. Get help today before things spiral downward so you can live a life that you are proud of.

Rock bottom is a misconception circulating amongst individuals with addiction that are resisting treatment. However, the concept of rock bottom does not exist. It is a fictional destination that tricks you into letting addiction take over your life until there is nothing left. The Detox Center of Colorado can help you reclaim your life and get back on top. Our comprehensive programs address addiction and underlying issues to set you up for success in long-term recovery. Call us today to learn more about our programs at (303) 952-5035. Healing is possible.

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