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Am I Displaying Narcissistic Behavior?

Am I Displaying Narcissistic Behavior?

Addiction is based on self-centered desires that cause loved ones to question what has happened to the addicted person. There could be discussions about whether addiction caused co-occurring disorders such as bipolar, depression, or anxiety, or if they are displaying narcissistic behavior. What Does It Mean to Be Narcissistic? A narcissist is “one who has […]

Do I Need to Go to Al-Anon?


Information for addiction can often be geared to the person trying to get sober and to give an indication to the person who is trying to help them to get sober of what to do. What about help for the family and friends who are in the crossfire? Addiction does not only affect the person […]

Now that I am Sober, Can I Still Hang Out with A Drunk Friend?

After a period of sobriety, you may come to crossroads in recovery when it comes to hanging out with friends who still drink. You put together a dinner party with a few close friends and find that one of your friends that you know from recovery has come to the event high or drunk. You […]

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