How Do I Stay Sober on Father’s Day When My Kids Don’t Want Anything to Do with Me?

Sober on Fathers Day

As Father’s Day approaches this year, you may be wondering how you will stay sober with all the stress you are experiencing. Once sober, you may have expected a different outcome regarding your kids. Logically, you knew that becoming sober would not take away all the pain and suffering that was caused by your drug and alcohol addiction. On the other hand, you thought that starting your recovery would show your children how hard you are working to change your life. Rather than allowing your disappointment to take over and put you in a precarious situation to drink or use again, give acceptance a shot. Acceptance can be the very thing to help keep you sober, even if your kids will not visit you this year on Father’s Day.

Accept that they have a choice.

Although there is nothing more you want this Father’s Day than to be with your kids, you have to accept their choice. They had to deal with your drinking and using when they had no choice, and now it is your turn to return the favor. Instead of making them feel bad for not honoring you on Father’s Day, practice compassion and understanding. This compassion will show them that you are changing. Taking this approach can also start the healing process in your relationship.

Accept that you have a choice.

Today’s choice is to do whatever it takes to stay sober, which means not expecting too much from those around you. Pressuring your kids or making them feel guilty will only prolong any reconciliation or stifle the healing process. Time takes time, so let your loved ones take all the time they need to move forward. Keep working on what you can change in yourself, and hopefully, they will want to be around you again. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

Father’s Day may feel lonely and upsetting without your kids to keep you company. There are tons of ways you can let your recovery fill in the void for you. Attend a meeting, call your sponsor, or ask a recovery friend to meet for coffee. Keep working your program so that you can continue to become the best version of yourself as a father.

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