I Finally Surrendered to My Addiction. Now What?

Surrender to My Addiction

You have heard for a while that you must surrender to your addiction to have a chance in recovery. You may have resisted the label of “alcoholic” or “addict” because you believe there is shame around it. You have fought everyone and everything to save face and avoid joining this group of misfits. What you may not realize is that there is more than meets the eye with recovery groups. Once you surrender and start accepting the fact that you indeed belong, your entire world will change. Letting go of your resistance, and joining the group may become the saving grace you need to stay sober.

Surrender Takes Courage

To surrender is often considered a sign of weakness, but this assumption is far from the truth. Surrendering to drugs and alcohol takes courage. It’s incredibly difficult to stop what you are doing for a better quality of life. Deciding that you no longer want to deal with the consequences of addiction comes from an inner source of strength, you may not even know that you had. You are making a courageous and bold statement when you decide to surrender.

Surrender Gives You A Second Chance

No matter how far down you have gone, surrendering to recovery will begin a new life for you. Knowing that you have a place where you are accepted and welcomed is comforting. Rather than fighting everything and everybody, you can simply start over and reap the benefits of being sober. If there was ever a time for a do-over, it’s now. You never have to feel like a slave to your addiction again if you take the initiative to surrender by asking for help. Beginning this new chapter in your recovery will give you a second chance you deserve. Instead of looking at yourself as a failure, you can look at yourself as a work in progress, trying to find the solution.

Sobriety is the best gift you can give yourself, and all you have to do is to finally surrender to the drugs and alcohol. To find a new authority in your life other than these substances will give you a new lease on life. Take the opportunity to wave that white recovery flag in the air proudly. Taking this initial step into your new life of recovery will be remarkable.

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