Regret is an Opportunity for Growth


Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay because, without them, it would be difficult for people to figure out how they might be able to change. A common occurrence seen with making these mistakes is that they can turn into regret. Care needs to be taken when dealing with regret so it can be processed in a healthy and productive manner.

The best way to handle mistakes is to use them to transform your life and create a better version of yourself. Regret can make it easier to know what needs to be done in order to make the changes in yourself so you don’t have to repeat regrettable mistakes. After all, knowing what works to make these changes is a great motivator to put it into practice.

Forgiving Yourself is the First Step

You may find yourself thinking back and feeling guilty about the people you may have hurt, or how you could have handled certain things differently in your past. Those feelings can drive you to better places, and the first step is forgiving yourself. Nothing can change what’s already happened no matter how hard you wish it would, but moving forward is better gained if you don’t punish yourself for mistakes.

Those that you may have wronged should also be apologized to and asked for an opportunity to amend your past behaviors. Whether or not they agree is their decision and has much more to do with how they are processing your actions than it is directly about you as a person. If forgiveness is gained it can feel like a weight is lifted, and if there is not immediate forgiveness, you know you have done what you can to mend the relationship. Either way, it’s important to remember that there is only so much that can be done after the mistake you have made, and sometimes all you can do is let go and move on.

Making Mistakes Means you Don’t Have to Repeat Them

A good mindset to have is that mistakes are an opportunity to learn. It’s similar to learning an instrument, no one gets all the techniques right the first time, and many spend years perfecting their skills with the guitar, piano, or clarinet until it becomes second nature to use the instrument as beautifully as they do. 

Learning to be better from short-comings and regrets is a much more productive way to handle mistakes when they happen than beating yourself up or wondering what could have been if you hadn’t done it. It means that even though you may not be perfect you are capable of transforming into the person you want to be because you are willing to feel regret, admit to your mistakes, and try to amend your past behaviors. 


Learning how to deal with feelings of regret is one of a variety of ways to aid in entering into and continuing with living a sober life. To help you or your loved one learn these methods, it may be useful to have a compassionate team of professionals guide you along the way. The Detox Center of Colorado offers a comfortable and peaceful setting where you can get the individualized care and attention you need. Surrounded by the natural beauty, peace, and grace of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, our location enhances the deep healing process for you along your recovery journey. There is so much potential in a life free from the use of drugs and alcohol but getting there takes work, whether it’s your first day of treatment or your last. We aim to make the journey as smooth as possible at the Detox Center of Colorado with our evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Advanced personal healing, and a much brighter life, is just a phone call away. Call us at (303) 952-5035.

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