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Detoxing From More Than Just Alcohol and Drugs

detoxing from more than just drugs

When you hear the word “detoxification,” quitting alcohol and drugs probably comes to mind. While purifying your body by ridding the toxins related to addiction is vital, many people find other opportunities to engage in a “detox” beneficial to improve their frame of mind. Other areas of your life can go through a “detox” to […]

Nutrition and Recovery


We don’t think about our health until our health stops working for us, usually in the form of a disease, a prolonged illness, a virus, or surgery. In all those situations, the goal is to restore our health. When recovering from addiction, it becomes even more essential to think about nutrition: the quality of food […]

Esteemable Acts: Eating Healthy

Esteemable Acts: Eating Healthy

One of the best ways to get healthy in sobriety is to take your diet seriously. Drugs and alcohol take a toll on the body with the overabundance of use. Skipping meals in lieu of drinking or using — or constantly eating on the go — can strip away essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that […]

5 Ways to Quit Your Sugar Addiction

5 Ways to Quit Your Sugar Addiction

It’s common for people in recovery to suddenly find themselves eating tons of sugar–doughnuts, soda, pastries, candy, you name it. Addiction transference is when you quit one addiction only to replace it with another. Sugary foods provoke a strong dopamine response, and people often subconsciously discover that something sweet helps take the edge off of […]

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