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Five Things You Should Know About Addiction


Addiction has a devastating effect on the family members and friends of those who are addicted to a substance. Worse still is the breakdown in communication between the addict and family members, either because of deterioration in communication skills or because the person they are familiar with has changed.  A person with an addiction ceases […]

Women and Addiction. It’s All in the Mind, Right? Maybe Not.


When we think of addiction, images often spring to mind of young, sometimes disenfranchised or chronically homeless men, veterans coping with PTSD, or professionals struggling to cope beneath work stressors. While some people acknowledge women’s addiction risks, others may not. People may think women are usually on the receiving end of prescription medication for depression […]

Top 5 Things People Get Wrong About Addiction

Understanding what happens during addiction

Misconceptions happen all the time regarding addiction. The truth is that addiction is often misunderstood because anyone who is not addicted to drugs and alcohol cannot understand what happens mentally and physically with someone who is. Addiction triggers an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind as soon as substances enter the […]

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