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The Effects of Substances on Your Body: What They Really Do

Illuminated scan of human body part made of data and particles

The number of people struggling with substance abuse remains at an all-time high, as does the number of overdoses. With many facilities available for treatment and detox, you might question what actual effects substances have on your body. However, the effect of substances on your body is not an easily answered question.  Due to the […]

Can You Die From Withdrawal?

Illuminated scan of human body part made of data and particles

Addiction has significant power over your body and your brain, altering you physically and psychologically. Going through the detox or withdrawal process can be frightening for many of these same reasons. There are some cases where it is possible to produce life-threatening symptoms, but can you die from them? As you are seeking recovery, it […]

Eliminating Drugs From Your Atmosphere

woman walking down street from the back and stretching

It takes time for a substance to leave your body. This requires a change to your atmosphere when implementing new perspectives of healthier living. Detox centers are great places to eliminate drugs from your body because they provide professional and medical support and monitoring. However, detox is not just about eliminating the drugs from your […]

Stretching Yourself in Recovery


Yoga, which was once on the fringes of alternative medicine, is now considered a mainstream therapy in the treatment of addiction, mental health, and even chronic pain and disease management. Most detox and rehabilitation programs offer yoga to work in conjunction with individual and group counseling. One of yoga’s attractive qualities is that the barrier […]

The Brain-Body Connection During Rehabilitation


When your body deals with a detoxification program, it is not unusual to experience nausea, weakness, fatigue, and other side effects depending on your former habits and situation. You may also experience wide-ranging mood swings that you may not have expected. Some people in detox experience mood swings associated with removing the harmful substances that […]

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