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Asking for Help Can Be Hindered by Pride


Considered by many belief systems, pride can be extremely hurtful not only to yourself but more importantly, to your recovery. It can cause you to believe unrealistically about yourself and your capabilities and lead you to take risks they wouldn’t otherwise take. It can make you believe yourself invulnerable to the harms that others face. […]

Detox Can Help You Survive College with a Dual Diagnosis


College is supposed to be about self-discovery, creating lifelong friendships, developing independence, and seeing what the world has to offer. Unfortunately, your parents, teachers, and other students may place pressure on you to be the person they want you to be, allowing yourself to give in to drugs or alcohol and potentially develop a mental […]

Tips to Handle Your Cravings

Tips to Handle Your Cravings

For someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, there is an urgency to curb cravings. With no cure for addiction readily available, the cravings become an obsession that becomes part of a person’s subconsciousness. When you are feeling happy, you want to use and drink to celebrate. When you are angry, drugs and alcohol […]

8 Ways to Approach a Newcomer

8 Ways to Approach a Newcomer

Coming into a 12-Step program is a difficult task for many people. There are few people, if any, that come into recovery on a winning streak. Typically, people coming in are in pretty bad shape and need help to discern what it is they need to do next.    Do you remember when you came […]

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