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Why Living a Double Life in Recovery Won’t Work

Why Living a Double Life in Recovery Won’t Work

Some people are so far gone in their addiction that everyone knows what is going on. For others, they are so good at hiding what they are doing; they can show their nice side without revealing their naughty side. They have to work hard to avoid showing others the truth about their addiction, creating their […]

Step Five: Becoming Rigorously Honest


Steps One through Four are definitely rigorous, but for these steps to continue to bless your life, you must become rigorously honest in Step Five before moving on. The 12-Steps are in order for a reason. The first steps build the foundation of your recovery and the Fifth Step begins the process to make it […]

Why Support Is Essential to Staying Sober

support network

Coming into recovery can be unappealing and awkward from the start. Being around strangers who you think might not understand what you are going through is difficult, to say the least. You did not get to the point of needing help for recovery because you knew what to do. Getting help to quit using is […]

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