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How to Stay Sober During Painful Anniversaries


Staying focused on recovery from drugs and alcohol requires a person to utilize the ability to say “no” to temptation. Often, that temptation comes in the form of someone offering a substance to another. It also can result from cravings coming from old habits. A specific set of triggers can also come from painful anniversaries […]

How to Stay Sober on Halloween During COVID-19

Sober Halloween during Covid-19

This year’s Halloween is going to look a little different this year amidst a global pandemic. Halloween is a holiday that hosts tons of costume parties and brings out hundreds of trick or treaters, which may be canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While you may have stayed sober during the pandemic so […]

Are Your Failures Really Setbacks or are They Breakthroughs?

Are Your Failures Really Setbacks or are They Breakthroughs?

There comes a time in everyone’s life where something adverse happens that questions their purpose in life. Whether you are going through a breakup, a death, or a relapse, when these situations occur, there is typically a breaking point to make a change or learn a life lesson. During these hardships, you must decide whether […]

Reasons to Stay Sober During Football Season

Reasons to Stay Sober During Football Season

Navigating through sobriety can be difficult at times when you are going through seasons and events that you have never been sober at before. Watching football games, for instance, are typically associated with throwing back some brewskies and taking shots to either celebrate a win or drown their sorrows in a loss.  Football is a […]

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