Recovery Is Being in the Same Water, Not the Same Boat

Paddling alone in the lake

Everyone has heard the expression, “We are all in the same boat.” This expression applies to many situations and can take on new meaning when thought of as an analogy for recovery. However, in recovery, not everybody is in the same boat. Instead, think of recovery as a body of water. Everyone striving to achieve and maintain recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol finds themselves in the same metaphorical body of water. The goal is to reach land.

The Different Types of Boats

The boat you are in depends on your particular life circumstances. Any collection of boats at sea will vary in size, condition, and features. These variations also apply to the boats in this recovery analogy. You may have a supportive circle of friends and family; having people like this can make a real difference in the strides you make in recovery. You may have access to a healthy income or insurance program, allowing for treatment options that not everyone else has. Many factors determine the type of vessel you steer during recovery.

Don’t let concern about what others are using to navigate impact your own process of recovery. You may feel some have unfair advantages. You might get caught up in trying to help those who seem to have less than you. Focus on your journey, and remember that all boats can reach land.

The Pacing of Your Journey Is Individual

While everyone pilots the same body of water, you are all at different points in your trip. Some have just pulled themselves out of the depths of addiction. They are far out at sea. Some are firmly on their journey but still have a long way to go. Some are close to the shore.

Keep in mind that where you are in your recovery journey remains personal to you. You need not worry about catching up to someone else who is farther ahead. You don’t need to delay your timing to wait for someone to catch up to you. Go at the rate of speed that works for you. Calm waters will eventually prevail.

Sometimes a good analogy can help reframe recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. While everyone in recovery looks to achieve the same thing, how they are equipped and the timing of their journey is like a voyage at sea. Focusing on their trip keeps their recovery streamlined. The Detox Center of Colorado understands how to teach our clients to enter recovery. It begins with our professional detoxification program located in the lush Denver area. Our medical staff is available 24/7 to help you succeed. Call us now at (303) 952-5035 to get started on your recovery journey.

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