Why Do Commitments Make a Difference in the Quality of Your Sobriety?

Why Do Commitments Make a Difference in the Quality of Your Sobriety?

Recovery programs thrive on the contributions of others who keep the meetings going. Without each other, there would be no real reason to come to meetings. Although, where two or more are gathered is considered a recovery meeting, the meetings where newcomers come for a solution require assistance to keep everyone coming back. Most meetings offer coffee, recovery literature, someone to conduct the meeting, and many other commitments meant to run the meetings.

These commitments keep meetings consistent and engaging to encourage sobriety and fellowship within the group. Even though meetings have changed since the pandemic took effect, there are still virtual commitments essential for meetings to resume within social distancing guidelines. Taking commitments will be a bonus to your recovery, and here are some of the best reasons why.

You Will Gain Satisfaction in Your Recovery

No one comes into recovery because they are bored and want something to do. Most people need some motivation to get and stay sober. Adding a commitment to what you are already doing in your recovery will give you an extra incentive. Suiting up and showing up is part of the process for recovery to work. When you do what you say you will do, you acquire self-esteem and confidence that make sobriety worthwhile.

You Will Have a Reason to Be There

A commitment gives a reason to be there beyond trying to get everyone off your back. Once you start giving back so freely what was given to you when you came into rooms, you begin to feel like you belong. You understand that the common peril of addiction brings everyone together, and everyone collectively can help each other through unity.

You Will Be of Service to Others

Nothing saves the day in sobriety, like putting your hand out to someone in need. Service work can take away the obsession to drink alcohol or use drugs through being useful to others with quality distraction. Making someone else feel welcomed also makes you feel welcomed as being part of the group.

You may believe that you have nothing to offer anyone, but you totally do. All you need to do is try taking commitments and see how it makes you feel. What you will find is that you are not thinking about yourself, and instead, you are thinking about helping others.

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