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Making the Move Back to Campus While In Recovery

Many college students spent the last year away from campus. Those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs may have found they experienced less temptation this way. However, as society reopens, many college campuses are preparing for an influx of students this summer and fall. Preparing for what to expect as you move back […]

Celebrating a Sober Cinco de Mayo

group of friends celebrating

Cinco de Mayo, which is Spanish for May 5, rolls around every spring. The holiday celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This holiday also provides a perfect excuse for many people to hoist a few drinks as part of the celebration. For those in recovery […]

Pandemic Drinking Causes Alarming Rise in Liver Disease


The pandemic has brought about a lot of dangerous health problems for millions of people. Besides the high number of individuals who have contracted and succumbed to the coronavirus, another health crisis has popped up. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported a rather shocking statistic related to alcoholism. Their study showed an increase in liver disease […]

What Do My Drinking and Using Dreams Even Mean?

What Do My Drinking and Using Dreams Even Mean?

Once you got sober, you may have started remembering your dreams more vividly. Waking up after falling asleep naturally, rather than passing out, could make it easier for you to recall something in your dreams that could be really amazing such as flying, or something really awful like drinking and using again. Thankfully when you […]

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